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Outsourced customer support helps gaming company take control of volume surge

TTEC associates made quick work of customer complaints and product replacements




quality goal by 6%



The challenge

The in-house support team at a company that makes video games and related accessories struggled to keep up with a sudden influx of customer interactions.

The company sold gaming systems that included hand-held controllers, and many customers complained that when they played certain games the controller would slip out of their hands, sometimes causing damage to the controller and household items. It was an extremely frustrating experience for customers.

To solve the problem, the company decided to send all customers wrist straps for their controllers, but their in-house team needed help managing that process.

Our solution

TTEC associates handled customer inquiries related to the controllers and helped get wrist straps out to customers quickly. We originally provided 20 full-time-equivalent (FTE) associates, but that number grew quickly as volume surged.

The associates, based in the U.S., provided voice support to the client. We were able to easily ramp up or down the number of associates working for the client, based on the business’ needs.

The results

Our associates achieved 100% calibration with the client, meaning we scored highly and achieved consistency across all customer interactions. TTEC associates also exceeded the client’s quality assurance goal by nearly 6%.

As results of our work, the client saw increased CSAT and improved customer experience.

This work was the beginning of a relationship with the client that’s spanned more than a decade. Amid another volume surge during the pandemic in 2020, we provided 1,300 associates to the client, and the company still has more than 200 TTEC associates providing customer support to gamers during peak times each year. Our partnership has grown, with TTEC providing consulting services, chat support, and back-office support for the client.

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