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A Hands-on Approach to Global Customer Care

A Hands-on Approach to Global Customer Care

Customer care keeps up with product innovations to serve customers better

A Hands-on Approach to Global Customer Care

Customer care keeps up with product innovations to serve customers better

17% increase
in NPS
56% jump in first
call resolution
Attrition reduced
by 25%

The challenge

A long-established global computer accessory maker prided itself on developing the latest tech products and serving customers in emerging channels. Yet it needed to improve its tech support service levels globally by employing experts who could assist with the latest technology for customers in multiple languages and global locations. In addition, it needed a partner who could bring in-depth experience and expertise in the customer experience arena to help elevate its technical support to world-class levels. Previously, it worked with 14 different care vendors operating in 20+ locations. This was not a sustainable operating model.

The company engaged TTEC to provide technical support to its global customer base via voice, email, chat, and social media. Its relationship began 10 years ago, growing its share of support business as it proved to meet the needs of the client.

TTEC was specifically tasked with creating consistency across customer care campaigns, streamlining operations, and reducing customer care costs. TTEC provided support for the company’s extensive and diverse range of products, from basic PC peripherals to the latest gaming and video collaboration devices.

Our solution

TTEC built a global team of 350 highly-trained associates based in six countries to provide 12/7 coverage in 21 different languages supporting the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions. Besides global availability, the team focused on creating experts who could handle nearly any customer inquiry.

Physical labs were created where associates could try the products for themselves, giving invaluable hands-on experience and a better understanding to encourage rapid resolution of customer issues.

In addition, new product launches were accompanied by specific training courses. Daily QA sessions held with the client’s technical departments helped to create knowledge-based tools and prepare associates to handle calls. These tools were used to streamline process flows and provide the client with valuable intelligence about their customers, including how long they have been customers and what products they have purchased, leading to up-sell opportunities.

In addition to TTEC’s expertise about its products, the client also appreciated TTEC’s understanding of the customer care business as a people business. Our decades of contact center expertise were instrumental in leading the client through an incremental improvement process, delivering bite-sized but valuable operational changes, including:

  • Redesigned shift structure to a 50/50 split between live interactions and hands-on training, QA, and coach-assisted learning
  • QA focus on NPS and values, with customer experience at the forefront
  • Robust analytics platform accessing CRM in real-time to provide visibility of KPIs to quickly and efficiently identify root causes and/or opportunities for improvement

As a result of the analytics work, TTEC identified $50k savings per month by reducing the interactions required to resolve a case by 12 percent. Quality training, staff coaching, and employee recognition programs have also reduced attrition rates by 25 percent.

The savings delivered by this model enabled the client to reduce its case backlog and focus on its digital customer service transformation, automating routine tasks and providing an easier and seamless journey for their customers.

The results

As a result, the TTEC team in Bulgaria was recognized by the GSA Professional Awards with the title “Best Nearshore Team” for its performance, and the client also singled out the team for a special recognition award for “Making a Difference.”

In addition, service levels improved by 2% year over year (YOY), Average Speed of Answer (ASA) dropped by 16 seconds YOY and First Call Resolution (FCR) increased by 56%. The key metric Net Promoter Score (NPS) has shown a marked increase of 17% post-integration. The benefits recognition program delivered a 25% reduction in staff attrition and the bottom-line metric of Daily Solved Cases has risen by more than 25%.