Growth Client Story

Flexible sales support generates 8x ROI during seasonal volume surge

TTEC sales team provided fast, expert, short-term help when a fire safety company needed it most



Stood up support

within 1 week


faster sales pace

The challenge

Frontline Wildfire Defense, which helps customers protect their homes against wildfires, struggled to keep up with seasonal surges. The company sells and instals fire suppression systems that protect homes in wildfire-prone areas, and it saw demand for its products swell each year during a 90-day period as wildfire season approached.

When customers indicated via the company's website that they were interested in speaking with a salesperson, the company's in-house sales team couldn't keep up, resulting in neglected leads.

Our solution

TTEC quickly provided short-term sales support to the company through our Flex Sales programme, which is part of our Inside Sales as a Service suite. Flex Sales helps clients that need additional sales support, speedy recruiting, hiring and training - without a long-term commitment.

We stood up a sales team to help the company within one week. Our TTEC salespeople worked through a backlog of dormant leads and followed up with new leads who expressed interest in the company online.

The results

The company has seen an 8x increase in ROI on the Flex Sales programme, compared with their in-house sales team. Our team of TTEC salespeople averaged a sale every four days, outperforming the in-house team who were closing a sale every 12 days.

Based on our success, the client plans to use our Flex Sales programme during the next peak demand period and grow our partnership.

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