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Exceptional Remote Support in Record Time

Hundreds of newly hired remote employees delivered a 94% CSAT.

Exceptional Remote Support in Record Time

Hundreds of newly hired remote employees delivered a 94% CSAT.

Ranked #1 LOB
by client
Beat AHT goals by
12 seconds per call
94% CSAT

The Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a huge spike in customer volume, a major financial services firm needed to quickly recruit, hire, and train hundreds of full-time employees to support its deposits and SMB customer inquiries from a virtual contact centre (i.e., answer calls from home), as well as support its SMB email channel.

The Solution

In the midst of the crisis, speed to delivery was essential. TTEC leaped into action. We activated our recruiting pools and quickly identified remote candidates. The next step was to provide training and guide the associates in setting up their virtual contact centres.

We designed a virtual training program that included instructor-led training, online activities, integrated simulations through mock chats, email drafting, and self-paced modules. Additionally, we created a one-stop shop that housed all the necessary materials related to working from home, from equipment set-up materials and IT support details to instructions for adhering to the security measures that were put in place to ensure data safety.

We also provided Avaya One-x Softphones that were compatible with the Chromebooks that the client issued to the associates, which allowed calls to be answered through the desktop for added convenience and ease of use. This meant that no headsets and other cumbersome equipment were required.

The Results

Within a matter of weeks the recruitment, training, setup, and nesting period were completed (average ramp-ups can take months). The first wave included more than 160 employees against a delivery goal of 150 FTEs, which was quickly followed by a second wave of employees.

The launch was highly successful. Ultimately, more than 200 net-new employees were deployed and ready to assist customers. They achieved a 94% CSAT and a 445 AHT, beating a goal of 457 AHT. In fact, the associates were so successful that they were recently recognised by the client as the top line of business based on performance in meeting metric goals.