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Energy Firm Lights Its Future with Customer Strategy

Our client, was trying to find a way to keep their customer's business. We helped define a new customer experience strategy and roadmap, ending with defining a consistent customer experience.


the company around a consistent definition of customer centricity


quick-win customer interaction opportunities identified


initatives created with an implementation roadmap

Competition can be found everywhere, even running through your home’s wires and circuits. The average consumer switches their electricity provider once a year, for example. Momentum Energy was determined to improve this situation and avoid the constant battle for customers. To stave off customer defection and improve the overall experience, it turned away from product centricity to create a shared customer-centric vision and value in its culture and operations.

The company chose us because of our firm’s proven legacy of customer experience strategy excellence, including Don Peppers’ expertise. We were hired to define a customer experience strategy and roadmap for the client’s retail energy services business in three retail segments: residential, small-to-medium enterprises, and commercial and industrial.

The team conducted workshops with key internal and external stakeholders to get an understanding of the current state of customer centricity. We created a journey map to assess all customer interaction points, and identified moments of truth for each segment. It was at this stage that we discovered more than 20 immediate “quick win” opportunities. For example, we recommended the firm reduce staffing costs by enforcing sales orders be submitted through online channels, rather than time-consuming paper orders. And in another example, 25 percent of new customers did not receive their welcome packs in the mail. After discovering the packs were too large for some mailboxes, the firm changed the packaging to improve delivery and the on-boarding experience. This will likely deflect future customer inquiries.

From there, we worked with Momentum Energy to define a consistent customer experience vision and facilitate company wide training workshops to align the organisation. We developed a roadmap with 31 recommended initiatives involving process design, data insights, CRM systems and tools, culture, and marketing. And we helped the client prioritise the implementation roadmap based on forecasted impact, investment required, and time frame. The company now has a formal process and plan for its journey toward customer centricity, and a workforce aligned and eager to implement transformation based on customer-centric principles.

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