Technology Client Story

Eliminating Friction for Superior UX

A leading prescriptive analytics company transformed the user experience with a templatised platform, reporting dashboard, and more.

The Challenge

A prescriptive analytics solutions company serving a diverse set of industries needed a more user-friendly platform for building customised vertical solutions. The company’s prescriptive analytics solution was extremely robust with a powerful optimisation engine at its core. However, the optimisation engine was not very user friendly and any customisation work that had to be done for a particular industry required extensive modifications. Additionally, the existing solution did not provide visibility into key operational metrics.

The Solution

We proposed and built a highly user centric layer on top of the client’s optimization engine. This layer was built using IBM BPM 8.5 Advanced Edition. This solution included user friendly work flows, reporting dashboard as well as a templatized platform for users to build vertical solutions on top of the client’s optimisation engine. We built this solution over a six- month period with an offshore team of 5 architects and developers.

The Results

With the help of this solution, the client has reduced the time spent building customised vertical solutions on top of their core platform from months to days.

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