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Conversation Engine Saves Cyber Monday Sales

Our client was using two outsourcing providers, the other provider experienced a critical dive in systems performance. We were able to stand up 3,000 associates in 36 hours.


associates ready to be deployed in 36 hours


employees asked to return to the interface


assisted competitor in resolving issues

Our client, one of the biggest technology retailers in the world, was gearing up for Cyber Monday – the start of the single heaviest sales week for online businesses. We already supported this big-box retailer with around 4,000 full-time associates. Another outsourcing provider was contracted by the client to add approximately 3,000 additional staff to handle the increase to holiday traffic. When Cyber Monday arrived, the other provider experienced a critical dive in systems connectivity and call quality. For some customers, calls were lost completely. For others, the experience was profoundly negative, with complaints of “alien voices” and unintelligible communications. The potential for lost revenue was magnified many times over – not just because of the season, but also because our competitor’s system provider was estimating three weeks to resolve the issue. We responded immediately with a solution. Our technology was ready to stand up 3,000 associates in 36 hours.

We deployed our scalable, multichannel, cloud-based platform for customer engagement. More than just technology, its a powerhouse of customer knowledge and interaction for contact centre associates. Our decades of experience in analytics and customer engagement culminate in a solution that intelligently routes a customer’s history and communication preferences into the hands of the associate best able to address the issue. The technology's architecture allows a contact centre to respond faster to changes in volume, and facilitates a better experience by providing more information to the employees who interact directly with customers.

We deployed the technology for the other company’s employees to use temporarily, so they could continue assisting our client’s customers. We helped the other provider restore their own systems so that they could resume operations for our client. Employees of the other company who were using our technology were eventually returned to their former interface. Immediately, there were numerous requests to return to the technology's informative desktop. That’s probably the best compliment we could ask for.

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