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Care is a Universal Language

A money wire company bridges cultural barriers and increase customer satisfaction.


language capabilities


lowered operational costs


a disaster recovery plan

Our client was looking to expand their European footprint, but needed to be able to support all European languages. We helped implement a central service hub that supported all European languages.

A U.S.-based money wire company was looking to expand its European footprint. But, in order to do so, they needed to be able to support all major European languages. In addition, the client knew that the language barrier wasn’t going to be their only obstacle; they also needed to be able to bridge any cultural gaps that existed between their brand and their new European customers.

Up until this point, the client had been servicing the majority of its existing European client base from the U.S. In an effort to provide a consistent experience for the client’s growing customer base, we set up a central service hub, which was supported by a competitive cost model. In the first 12 weeks of our partnership with the client, we established a streamlined interaction hub in one single location to support all major European languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Romanian, Polish, and Turkish. By servicing all languages from a single location and single knowledge base, the client was able to provide a consistent and culturally relevant experience. Each service line was linked to international toll free numbers that were easily accessible to customers throughout the European region. We staffed the lines with a core team of approximately 80 associates. In addition, in order to provide a seamless experience for our client’s customers, our associates were connected directly into the client’s knowledge base and ordering tools through a web-based interface.

Each associate was trained to handle a wide-range of client issues, including send and receive authorisation, amendments, and refunds. The associates were also responsible for communicating with different departments across the region to help with general support and claim escalation. In addition, in order to avoid service disruptions during unforeseen disasters, we worked with the client to develop a business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan. All experience, knowledge, and internal procedures were then transferred seamlessly to the client in less than three months.

The results? Operational excellence and proficient language capabilities helped the client bridge cultural barriers between the U.S. and Europe. In addition, the client realised significantly lower operational costs and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction in the European region. The improvements also meant that the entire operation would be protected in case of a disaster.

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