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Analytics Focus Boosts Revenue and Customer Insight

Lacking a solid foundation to support data driven decisions, our client was unable to respond effectively to their market. Our data strategists helped them better understand the current state of their abilities.


increase in revenue


customer churn with analytical churn models


of targeted campaigns created in minutes, not weeks

A leading operator in the EMEA region lost 50 percent of its market share within four years of being awarded a new GSM license. Without a solid foundation to support data driven decisions, the company was unable to respond effectively to the market. The company worked with our data strategists to perform a comprehensive assessment of its capabilities and develop a detailed roadmap and implementation plan to better leverage data for its decision making needs.

In order to better understand the current state of the operator’s data capabilities, the team performed a comprehensive assessment of the operator capabilities across each of the four pillars of our data methodology: data availability, data accessibility, data effectiveness, and data operations. Based on the assessment, the team developed a detailed roadmap and implementation plan to change how the operator leverages data. The transformation included new framework designs for data quality, implementation of organisation, processes and monitoring tools, and planning of corrective actions for major existing data quality problems.

To improve the business use of the data being recovered, we implemented an ideal data mart for each subject area of the business requirements (revenue, usage, subscribers, sales, cancellations, customer information, and customer service) and designed more relevant dashboards. Systems were also put into place to identify enterprise-level moments of truth in order to catch the most significant and frequent customer events. The team also developed advanced analytical churn models to assist with churn, social networking, behavior segmentation, and best next product offers. Finally, targeted campaigns were designed and implemented.

This has enabled the various business units to analyse data on a daily basis and generate targeted campaign lists in minutes as opposed to weeks. The accuracy rates of the analytical models and hundreds of campaigns launched over the course of a year created an incremental revenue impact of 3 percent.

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