What is the CX with a Twist cocktail event all about?

During this private virtual event we will be making 3 tasty tequila cocktails with Mixology Mixer from the comfort of your very own home. Guided by Mixology Mixer’s professional mixologist, you'll learn how to craft delicious beverages alongside like-minded sales leaders and your event host, TTEC. We'll host a brief roundtable to close out the event where you'll hear from TTEC and your peers to gain new insights and ideas to further your CX transformation!


What all is included?

  • Learn to mix 3 Refreshing Tequila Cocktails: Apple and Spice, Tommy’s Margarita, Paloma
  • Tequila Times Kit Includes:
    Tres Generaciones Tequila
    Agave Syrup
    Grapefruit Soda
    Apple Juice
    Lime Juice
    Cinnamon Syrup
    Mini Tabasco Bottle
    Dehydrated Apple Slice
    Dehydrated Orange Slice
    (1) Clothes Pin
  • Mixology Mixer Bar Tool Kit


When will I receive my Tequila Times cocktail kit?

You will receive your cocktail kit the week of the event (5-7 days prior)– please be prepared to receive and sign for the alcohol (or any adult 21+) to ensure you have it in time for the Friday event. We will send an email with your FedEx tracking information once the kit is ready to ship. We have sent you an email to confirm your mailing address – please make sure it’s correct.

How do I join the cocktail event?

You will receive an Outlook calendar invite with the Zoom link to join.

What do I need to do to prep for the event?

Once you receive your shipment please read through the instructions, and set the alcohol, ingredients, and bar tools aside until the time of the event. Make sure to have rocks glasses, limes, and plenty of ice on hand so you can be ready for mixing! We will meet on Zoom at 3PM PT / 6PM ET so have your ingredients + materials ready + cameras turned on!

Have any more questions about the event?

Please reach out to Megan Long with any questions or concerns, or if you’re plans have changed.

About Isaac Grillo


Growing up in Colorado, Grillo and his family shared a love for food and traveling, which sparked his interest in the hospitality industry. After high school graduation, he moved to Hawaii to attend Chaminade University, where he kept himself busy by working casual serving and bartending jobs. Hungry for more, Grillo furthered his education by taking culinary courses. Following his coursework, the budding mixologist put his knowledge to the test by experimenting with food and molecular mixology behind the bar at a number of high-profile restaurants and hotels around the country.

Today, Grillo is a celebrated professional in the spirits industry who has earned the respect of his peers, co-founding with his wife April, both Repour bar, Miami and Death or Glory bar in Delray Beach. His passion for craft spirits and enthusiasm for locally sourced ingredients are the source of his creative approach to mixology. He has also honed his talents as a captivating presenter, both on and off camera.


About Mixology Mixer

Founded by celebrity event planner Loni Paige, Mixology Mixer is a unique cocktail concept created as a result of Covid-19 to employ out-of-work bartenders while restaurants and bars closed around the country. By offering unique hands-on virtual mixology and cooking experiences, Mixology Mixer creates memorable occasions for groups – from colleagues and clients to friends or family. By purchasing this Mixology Mixer kit, you are supporting hospitality professionals and ensuring bartenders get back behind the bar to create what you love. To learn more visit https://mixologymixer.com/.