Increase speed-to-proficiency and quickly ramp-up a remote workforce with our TrainNOW suite of asynchronous, virtual content. Our certified managed learning platform delivers bite-sized, gamified training modules to tailor the learning experience for each employee and skill level.

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Training support to create a virtual workforce, fast

Business needs are changing. Many companies are migrating from bricks and mortar to remote contact center environments, but most legacy training materials are designed for classroom settings. That’s why TTEC developed our TrainNOW solution – a suite of virtual learning products designed to protect CX during fast location ramps, ensuring associates are properly certified, engaged, and ready to deliver exceptional CX from anywhere in the world. TrainNOW is deployed within 2 weeks and includes learning assessment, learning support, and asynchronous virtual learning content for management and associates, delivered via our secure leaning platform. We also have a team of learning experts ready to assess your top 5 call drivers to identify immediate training needs and put together personalized digital solutions to quickly upskill associates on the top call volumes specific to your organization, with flexible, tiered pricing to match your business priorities as they change.


Our TrainNOW Learning Package improves operational KPIs and customer experiences, while saving time and money

increase in
reduction in
improvement in
customer satisfaction
increase in
Net Promoter Score

24/7 Learning Support

Support for leaders, trainers
and first round associates

Transitioning to a virtual environment is a different challenge. Our approach provides 24/7 support by Learning Professionals to manage and maintain your program, ensuring the content remains relevant (across all modalities) and continue to align with performance expectations and operational KPIs you receive in a brick and mortar environment. The design utilizes our off-the-shelf content and creates custom content for the program. TrainNOW is designed to manage your most critical call drivers within an urgent 2 week response cycle.


Learning Assessment

Customize training around
your top call drivers

You receive a detailed review of your brick and mortar learning practices and identify your strengths and opportunities for fast tracked, virtual delivery. The review identifies the top 5 call drivers (typically 50-60% of contact volume) for smart focus within the temporary, remote workforce. Virtual agents will be able to support highest volume contact types within 2 weeks of training. Our experienced Learning team (designers, training supervisors, trainers, etc.) provide 24/7 support for management and frontline staff in a virtual model. Interested in additional training and assessment? Via TrainNOW Plus we can also support the expansion of learning materials to represent your whole curriculum in a virtual format. Full content development would be prioritized post initial 2-week TrainNOW deployment, allowing flexibility based on needs in changing environments.


Gamified Training Modules

Bite-sized, gamified training
to keep employees engaged

Asynchronous virtual learning is a combination of gamified content, micro-learning, podcasts and practical assessments, all administered, tracked and analyzed in the gamified learning platform. The platform includes points, badging and leaderboards for completion and certification objectives aligned to operational KPI improvement. Your remote learners, whether on-boarding or continuing their education, access digital and virtual instructor-led learning. Your remote employees also gain access to TTEC’s repository of off-the-shelf digital content – all designed to drive customer experience in a work from home environment. The catalogue of digital courses includes management certification (Trainer, Team Leader, Coach, Nesting Support) and frontline skill (sales, chat, etc.) development to maximize performance quickly.


Secure Learning Platform

Security combined with
virtual accessibility

Your remote employees are able to access content on any approved device. Using double authentication, your security is combined with remote accessibility. This secure learning environment allows asynchronous, structured and/or non-linear learning which adjusts to today’s remote learning audience – regardless of location. And as part of TTEC's T-NOW suite of business continuity and resilience solutions, TrainNOW is safe, secure and compliant technology coupled with best-in-class operational processes, delivered with flexibility, scalability and the confidence to protect your customer relationships. Our software provides at-home associates a comfortable, secure, and connected interface and seamless integration between systems.


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