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There is value to be found in your contact center. Revenue opportunities, operational efficiencies and the potential to remove friction from the customer experience are all available if you know where to look. TTEC's contact center assessment can help you uncover the financial and customer opportunities hiding in your operation.

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Time for a tune-up?

TTEC’s proprietary operational assessment offers an independent lens to identify organizational, process and technology issues that reduce enterprise value and cause customer friction. The operational recommendations we provide will address identified gaps/opportunities to generate quick wins as well as long-term value. Short on time? Our team of Six Sigma black belts developed a quick check quiz to help you focus on what matters most to your customers. It will uncover your pain points, help you diagnose your current operations, and give you the tools you need to make things better and easier.

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A Simple Operational Assessment Can Lead to Dramatic Results

Chances are that your expertise isn’t in operating contact centers or delivering advanced customer care. And yet, protecting the customer experience remains paramount. By engaging an objective lens to zero in on inefficiencies that reduce value and cause friction in the customer experience, you can identify constraints to long-term growth, scalability, and ultimately, profitability.

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Ask Why: The Secret to Turbocharging Contact Center Performance

In this eBook, learn how answering the “why” questions hidden in your contact center data can help you transform your contact center from an old-fashioned cost center into a value-added part of your business.

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Client Case Study

Operational Assessment Uncovers $3 Million in Savings

Learn how TTEC conducted an operational assessment at a leading retailer. The result was the development of a multi-phased approach to optimize contact center operations that moved the needle on service delivery improvement and cost cutting while maintaining a target abandonment rate of less than 5 percent.

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