Service to Sales

Exceptional service drives exceptional sales

Turn service conversations into sales opportunities by delivering relevant offers at the right moment.


Improve the customer experience while driving sales

Businesses typically view care engagement centers as pure costs. The reality is that support associates engage in millions of interactions every day and have the opportunity to provide added value to customers through product offers and recommendations.

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Every customer interaction provides an opportunity for growth

Through upselling, value selling, and cross selling programs, our Service to Sales solutions provide a natural extension to the customer lifecycle. Our best practices combine proprietary tools, playbooks, and management processes to unlock revenue potential in customer care interactions, turning cost centers into profit centers.

  • Talent acquisition
  • Training that leverages simulated learning
  • Custom sales playbook
  • Adaptive coaching methodology
  • Performance management
  • Technology enablers featuring speech and desktop analytics
  • Rewards for top performance
  • Scalable sales processes
  • Customized solutions tailored to customer journey
Selling is good service

Service to Sales provides an operational model to drive revenue and offset costs in engagement centers without hurting the customer's experience. From making strategic product recommendations to targeted offers based on a customer’s predicted behavior, forward thinking businesses can increase Customer Lifetime Value by intelligently transitioning care interactions into revenue generating experiences through personalized interactions that enhance the customer’s experience.

  • Provide Next Best Action/Next Best Offers based on a customer's previous purchases or behaviors
  • Get the pitch right with Dynamic Scripting, which incorporates sentiment and speech analysis
  • Leverage advanced analytics to predict how likely a customer is to make a purchase
  • Prevent customer churn before it happens with automated journey management tools
The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, vs 5-20% for a new prospect.

Marketing Metrics

Service to Sales Solutions

Turn-Key Operational Model

Leverage training, coaching, and reporting to shift care associates into ‘super-care’ associates.

Real-Time Dynamic Guidance

Empower the team with the right responses for the right situations

Service to Sales Technology

Know what and when to sell with automated and personalized engagements.

Next Best Action

Deploy our analytics engine to custom tailor every offer to each unique customer.

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