Open Enrollment: A Smart-Seasonal Approach Beats Conversion Targets


Health insurance open enrollment has become a make-or-break time for payers. Besides the pressure and competition to entice and enroll members in individual, family, Medicare, and other plans, the process to prepare and staff for the season is full of rising costs and inefficiencies. Companies essentially restart the process each year, accruing higher costs every time. Licensed, U.S.-based call center agents are legally required to assist consumers in their choices of health insurance, which can be expensive and hard to staff in different geographies.

This white paper outlines four ways to rethink health insurance open enrollment via Smart Seasonal:

  • Find the right labor mix
  • Invest in an optimal people strategy
  • Empower associates to drive conversions
  • Implement technology to accelerate results

Plus we share one payer’s story of improving conversions by as much as 30 percent using Smart Seasonal


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