What We Learned When Investigating Mobile Messaging CX at 20+ Companies


Today's top CX leaders are using Messaging, Apple Business Chat, and Live Chat as the go-to B2C communication channel during challenging times, like the coronavirus outbreak.

Most companies think they communicate effectively with customers, but the actual customers disagree. To better understand the CX gap, we examined for ourselves what a typical mobile customer interaction is like, particularly when it comes to messaging and live chat via mobile.

So, TTEC’s research team mystery shopped 27 companies from five different industries—e-commerce/retail, financial services, telecom, travel, and utilities—from September to December 2019, asking simple questions like “can I buy an iPhone 11” for telecom companies to “can I book my trip through the app” for travel companies.

Our findings shed light on what today’s consumers typically experience when interacting with a brand via live chat and text messaging on mobile devices. Download our research white paper to access insights gleaned from our research and the next best steps to take to start improving the way consumers experience your brand in these channels.

Download this research white paper to learn:

  • Highlights from TTEC’s mystery shopping exercise
  • The top 5 present-day mobile CX trends
  • Useful tips to elevate your mobile CX during these challenging times
  • Why consumers gravitate toward messaging channels

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