Click on the thumbnails to watch each episode in the TTEC video series

Episode One

Build a Roster of Sales Playmakers

Learn how to stack your sales team with all-star sellers.

Episode Two

Practice Makes Perfect with Sales Fundamentals

Learn how to improve your team's selling stats with sales analytics.

Episode Three

Behind Every Championship Sales Team is a Championship Coach

Learn what makes a great sales coach, and why having one is crucial.


Episode Four

Creating a Can't Lose Game Plan for Sales

Learn the top clutch plays and winning strategies that score great sales.

Episode Five

How to Create Die-hard Fans that will Support You to the End

Learn how to build and manage great sales prospect and customer relationships.

Episode Six

How to Avoid Flags on the Play

Learn how to prevent or respond to sales mistakes for optimal sales performance.


Episode Seven

Guide to Top Sales Plays

Learn how to become an all-star playmaker with sales tactics that can't lose.

Episode Eight

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Hit Sales Homeruns

Learn how to create great teamwork from the beginning to end of the sales cycle.

Episode Nine

Play Moneyball to Score More Sales

Learn how analyzing sales performance can help up your sales game.


Episode Ten

How to Effectively Generate Demand to Score Sales

Learn how to harness the power of sales and marketing to bring sales to you to score easily.

Episode Eleven

The ABC's of QBR

Learn why Quarterly Business Reviews are great places to learn and grow with your client.

Episode Twelve

Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Learn how to expand the playing field to move up in the rankings.