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Think Like a Startup with Your CX

Tales from Silicon Valley: Embrace the “startup mindset” to achieve true customer experience success

From startup to established (and everything in between) today’s most successful businesses all have one thing in common — an unwavering commitment to customer experience (CX).

In this 30-minute webinar, Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst and Director at CCW, conducts a rapid-fire Q&A session with Megan Roberts, Director of Customer Happiness at Getaround, and Ray Klostermann, Chief Rocketeer at TTEC Agility. They share expert advice on how to take your CX to the next level by living and breathing the “startup mindset” (even if you’re an organizational giant).

Watch and listen to this webinar to learn…

  • What today’s startups are doing differently to dominate the CX game
  • Real-life CX best practices separating today’s leaders from the laggards
  • How to execute a phenomenal digital-first omnichannel CX program
  • The most important CX metrics to watch, why they matter, and how glean insights
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Featured Speakers


Megan Roberts


Customer Happiness, Getaround

Ray Klostermann


Chief Rocketeer,
TTEC Agility

Brian Cantor


Principal Analyst
& Digital Director, CCW


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