American public health leaders widely agree that communities need to ramp up capacity to test, trace, and isolate to control flare-ups of new COVID-19 cases. Now, public officials are racing to hire and train tracers at clinical and non-clinical levels to stay ahead of the curve, calling for $46B in public health investments to safely re-open the economy. Contact tracing is a manual process requiring tens of thousands of tracers in the U.S. alone. In non-emergency situations public health experts estimate 15 workers for every 100,000 people are sufficient. Today, experts say we need double the amount of skilled people enabled with secure technology to properly evaluate, trace, and care for our citizens.

Join us for a fireside discussion with leading citizen experience specialists, as they discuss and answer the burning questions on everyone’s minds:

  • What are the requirements for effective and timely contact tracing?
  • What technology options are available to enable the full value chain?
  • What are the privacy concerns?
  • and more...

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Nick Cerise

Chief Marketing Officer

Doug Averill

Global Government Business Line Leader, Pegasystems

Stephen Parowski

VP, Technology Sales

Andy Martin

VP, Sales

Amber Rosebaugh

Director, Technology Sales



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