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The Best Kept Secret in Contact Center Customer Experience

Learning Analytics: The Best Kept Secret in Contact Center Customer Experience.

Retailers, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing companies, as well as many others with contact centers struggle with managing data analytics to create the ultimate customer experience while balancing emerging technologies. Learning analytics are designed to help solve this challenge by enabling companies to identify potential customer experience challenges before they even occur, while simultaneously providing increased revenue growth by making other contact center analytics such as performance, speech and agent attrition more meaningful.

In this Q&A format webinar, Matt Gill, Executive Director at TTEC and Jordan Fladell, CEO at mLevel explain:

  • What are learning analytics?
  • What industries can benefit from a learning analytics solution in a contact center?
  • What are typical and unexpected use cases for learning analytics solutions in a contact center
  • Using learning analytics in an omnichannel customer journey
  • An overview of TTEC and mLevel learning analytics and performance solution capabilities
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Brian Cantor


Principal Analyst
& Director CCW Digital

Matt Gill


Executive Director
TTEC Digital

Jordan Fladell


CEO & Co-Founder


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