The logistical challenges associated with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout are immense, and news of distribution failures nationwide are growing. In the urgency to vaccinate our population, the right citizen experience is critical, yet in most areas of the country there are numerous gaps in the vaccination experience journey.

In this webinar hosted by Governing, experts from Governing and TTEC discuss how some government and healthcare organizations are bridging the gaps and delivering an efficient, demand-based, safe consumer vaccination experience, and how you can, too.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How government and healthcare organizations are connecting empathetic, at-home associates with citizens to deliver accurate vaccine information and scheduling support at scale
  • Strategies for handling surging call volume, enabling proactive outreach and strengthening public trust through greater transparency
  • How to enable timely reporting/tracking to national and state/local databases by replacing or augmenting current systems with a flexible and modular approach

For more information on how TTEC can effortlessly coordinate vaccine management operations and communications amongst partners, public health organizations, providers, payers, citizens, and patients, visit our Vaccine Support Information Center.


Val Farlow

SVP, Healthcare Global Operations, TTEC

Paul Ignasinski

SVP, CX Design & Value Engineering, TTEC

Paul Clanton

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government


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