Standing out has never been more difficult — or more important — in the digital retail world. According to eMarketer, US consumers will spend over $1 trillion through digital retail channels in 2022. So, how can retailers create memorable experiences when so many customer interactions feel so impersonal?

In the age of online shopping, curbside pickup, and delivery apps, there are exciting new opportunities to make your customers’ digital experiences feel more human without hurting your bottom line. Discover new strategies and tactics to serve today’s modern retail customers so they keep coming back.

In this webinar with Retail Dive, watch to learn:

  • How leading retailers prepare for the ever-increasing ‘digital surge’ while still maintaining a human connection with their customers
  • Best practices for delivering memorable customer experiences that drive ROI
  • How the combined power of a skilled workforce and optimized digital tools can deliver better, more human, customer experiences


Brian Lannan
VP, Retail Experience, Avtex, a TTEC digital company

With nearly 15 years of retail experience, Brian is responsible for leading the growth of the Avtex retail business by leading the team in developing go-to-market strategies that helps retail customers transform their customer experience by delivering innovative, personalized, and engaging experiences. Prior to Avtex, he worked at Target where most recently he built and led the Customer Experience capability. Prior to that, Brian led strategy and insights work for a wide range of businesses across merchandising, marketing, corporate responsibility, stores, contact centers, and digital.


Jon Stough
Vice President, Sales Delivery

Jon has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience ranging from sales management, sales program start-up and development, sales execution, new business development and strategic marketing management. Jon’s range of work experience spans retail to online media to technology, healthcare, auto, SaaS and communications. In addition to his extensive sales and marketing background, Jon has expertise in the development and architecture of sales and CX program creation.  For over 5 years, Jon supported the solution and architecture of TTEC sales programs including brands such as Google, Best Buy, Verizon, Avaya, IBM, Microsoft, Intuit, and Anthem to name a few. Mr. Stough joined TTEC in February 2008 and has served as Executive Director and Vice President capacities spanning strategic analytics, new business development and sales. Through his tenure, he has led assessments that helped to transform sales and CX with innovative approaches.  Prior to joining TTEC, Jon led Southwest and Northwest Territories for Verizon Media. Jon holds a BA in Molecular and Cellular Biology and an MBA with a focus on sales, entrepreneurship and marketing.


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