From telehealth to contactless food delivery, all companies must adapt their customer experiences to deliver riskless, relevant, and easy experiences to survive in a world forever changed by COVID-19.

AI can deliver relevancy and ease at scale both to the customer, and also, to customer service associates working in a rapidly shifting environment. Join our guest speaker Ian Jacobs, Principal Analyst of Forrester, and TTEC’s VP of Marketing Darryl Kelly-McDade as they discuss the customer experience of the future and how COVID-19 has changed customer experience expectations. Key takeaways include:

  • What customers want now in a customer experience
  • How employees need to be supported in the new normal
  • Why enhancing self-service channels to meet the expectations of your customers should be a priority
  • How AI can support these new customer experience expectations and deliver competitive advantage post-pandemic

On-Demand Webinar


Ian Jacobs

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Ian Jacobs serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. With a focus on the digital transformation of customer service, he is an expert in contact centers. His research keeps a sharp focus on customer experience and agent experience issues. Ian is an award-winning columnist, is regularly quoted in major global publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Darryl Kelly

VP, Marketing,
TTEC Digital



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