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Employee Engagement Drives Performance

Your on-demand employee experience guide


We live in a digital world. Business and culture are influenced by technological advancements in the blink of an eye. So too must the way you train your employees. To drive performance their training must reflect their experience and expectations. Implementing digital platforms with AI provides innovative on-demand training programs that will engage your employees.

This evolution moves beyond an enhanced employee experience as it positively affects your customer experience. And the results speak for themselves.

Our on-demand Employee Engagement Drives Performance webinar features:

  • Section 1: The Learning Revolution
  • Section 2: Using AI to Create Engagement
  • Section 3: Analytics in Learning
  • Section 4: Collaboration Through Connections
  • Section 5: Mindset and Culture

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Featured Speakers


Glenn Price


partner, learning and performance ttec digital


Glenn is in high-demand in the international speaking circuit, and coaches a number of board executives in multi-national organizations. He is a certified Extraordinary Leader Master Facilitator, has lectured on Behavioral Change Management within the MBA curriculum in conjunction with London Business School & The American University, Dubai, and was a regular columnist for CEO Magazine. He is also the author of “Drivers: A Story of Transformational Change.”

Lamont Exeter


vice president learning & performance, ttec digital


Lamont is a firm believer that ‘today’s learner, is tomorrow’s leader.’ He believes that, as leaders, we have a responsibility to guide, empower, listen to, and involve the next generation. As the head of innovation, product development, and solutions, he has the opportunity to research, work with, modernize, and operationalize emerging technologies. Lamont’s mission is to create solutions that balance humanity with technology and enable our clients to solve their business challenges and enhance their employee performance.