Ramping up cleaning and sanitizing efforts is table stakes for employees to feel like it’s safe to return to work. An effective contact tracing program (or lack thereof) controls whether the doors stay open if/when a staff member contracts the virus.

HR.com hosted this webinar with Leading Epidemiologist, Dr. Michael Mina from Harvard School of Public Health and Marco Ambrosio, Transformation Executive at LivePerson where they discussed when, where, and how legacy contact tracing efforts fail in the workplace and what to do instead. They also discussed the new standards in contact tracing and proactive strategies in keeping your teams safe and informed amidst the pandemic.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why a contact tracing program is necessary for a safe return to work
  • Common challenges in traditional contact tracing and how to avoid them
  • How to best communicate with the public
  • How to design and deploy an effective, organized, and semi-automated contact tracing program


Marco Ambrosio

Transformation Executive, LivePerson

Dr. Michael Mina

Leading Epidemiologist, Harvard School of Public Health

Leisl Perez

Global Head of Corporate Marketing, TTEC


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