The CX tasting menu you’ve been waiting for

5 courses to deliver a seamless dining experience, every time

The CX tasting menu you’ve been waiting for

Restaurants are under pressure to deliver the dining experience customers expect, but labor and supply challenges are making it tougher than ever.

Our CX tasting menu has everything you need to take customer and employee experience to the next level while cutting costs along the way. Using the right tools and people can free you up to focus on what you do best.

Our tasting menu features:

  • Course 1: A Savory take on shortening customer hold times
  • Course 2: A zesty offering that frees your employees from menial tasks
  • Course 3: Labor help, with a side of cost savings
  • Course 4: A refreshing pallet cleanser that onboards employees in half the time
  • Course 5: A mouth-watering dessert that lets your employees focus on quality interactions
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