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5 Ways Customer Experience Can Solve Top Vaccine Challenges


The stakeholders involved in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – the federal government, state and local public health departments, physicians and hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, payers, and more – face immense challenges.

Customer experience (CX) best practices can alleviate stress on organizations responsible for the vaccine rollout. Read this checklist for 5 ways that CX can provide a solution to some of the top challenges faced by those involved in vaccine development and distribution.


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TTEC supports vaccine distribution efforts with CXaaS

  • At-home operations: TTEC’s at-home operations platform powers 40k+ remote agents across the globe in completely secure work-from-home environments.
  • Award-winning training: AI-powered learning solutions train agents 2-3x faster and keep their job skills and knowledge up-to-date.
  • Messaging platforms: Reach patients and citizens via the platforms they prefer for outreach, scheduling, inquiry responses, critical follow-up. Plus, boost interactions by 4x with asynchronous messaging.
  • Intelligent automation: Eliminate redundancies and deflect calls to intuitive self-service to increase efficiencies and drive down labor costs.
  • Back-office support: Gain efficiencies with best-in-class management and optimization of processes with asynchronous back office support.

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5 Ways Customer Experience Can Solve Top Vaccine Challenges