Special Report: CX Fraud Prevention

This special report reveals a more productive approach to CX fraud prevention.


Are you looking to reduce customer effort, protect customer data, elevate the agent experience, improve brand reputation and increase your bottom line? If so, it is time to rethink your approach to customer experience fraud prevention.

Not merely a focus for your security and compliance team, fraud strategy plays a critical role in cultivating an empowering, customer-centric contact center function. Many contact centers have, unfortunately, been missing the boat. Their fraud strategies lead to upset customers and disgruntled agents -- without even boosting security.

Topics include:

  • 5 trends making fraud prevention an especially urgent contact center focus
  • Tips for balancing security, agent centricity, and customer centricity
  • Mistakes many companies make when addressing CX fraud
  • Security concerns most companies are forgetting to address
  • 6 ways to use technology and humanity to improve contact center security

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