Special Report: AI For Agents


Your goal is to let “automation handle simple tasks so that agents can focus on complex ones.” What happens if you get what you want?

Many overlook this all-important question, neglecting to consider the fact that their agents will need better tools, better training and a more empowering environment in order to handle this increasingly complex work. With a higher standard for engagement, agents require a higher-caliber contact center experience.

The impetus for this dilemma, AI can also be the solution. It can help agents become more focused, productive and customer-centric -- and this special report reveals how.

Topics include:

  • 4 essential qualities for the next-generation Contact Center Agent
  • Why your current agent experience is falling short
  • Tips for improving training, unifying the CX and empowering agents in “moments of truth”
  • 6 specific ways AI can improve efficiency and productivity, while increasing call quality and streamlining knowledge management

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