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Reimagine the Citizen Experience

Government CX trends in the age of COVID-19

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There’s nothing like a crisis to jumpstart innovation and up-end the status quo in the public sector. COVID-19 exposed untenable CX infrastructures in government agencies of all kinds. With federal stimulus available and a crisis to manage, government agencies can transform citizen experiences while also reducing costs and improving pandemic response.


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Now is the time to act to improve citizen response

Government organizations are now facing multiple challenges at once: Provide community-based care, ongoing essential services, and implement practices to minimize the spread and exposure to COVID-19, all under enormous budgetary pressure. Read this Strategy Guide to:

  • Learn 4 key customer experience trends that have emerged within the public service sector
  • Read how two states used messaging and remote associates to assist with surges in citizen volume
  • Discover 3 ways to build resiliency and be prepared for constant change
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Enhance your government citizen engagement with innovative CX solutions

Start transforming your citizen experience today.


TTEC offers a comprehensive suite of citizen-centric services and solutions, including strategy, technology, systems integration, turnkey contact center outsourcing, and agent training and onboarding.

Our FedRAMP authorized contact center solution ensures superior CX, security, and citizen trust. Whether you work for a federal, state or local entity, our government experts help you design and deliver secure omnichannel contact center solutions.


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Reimagine the Citizen Experience