Reach for the CMS Star Ratings

CMS Star Rating Strategy Guide

5 ways to transform the healthcare experience

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is shining a spotlight on member and patient experience in the latest updates to its Five-Star Quality Rating System methodology. More than ever before, healthcare organizations have an imperative to put customers first and to empower them to make informed healthcare decisions. Read this strategy guide for proven customer experience (CX) tips and insights on how to not only improve the patient and member experience per the CMS Star ratings, but achieve a holistic member- and patient-centric experience.

In this strategy guide:

  • Learn about 5 tried-and-true customer-centric ways to improve the member and patient experience and position your organization for Star Ratings success.
  • Discover how a health plan prepared associates to pass the CMS secret shopping season with flying colors.
  • Get use case examples of how healthcare organizations transformed their customer experience with member- and patient-centered digital transformation
  • Learn why organizations are moving from reactive to proactive customer service.
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