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Reach for the CMS Star Ratings

5 ways to transform the healthcare experience

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is shining a spotlight on member and patient experience in the latest updates to its Five-Star Quality Rating System methodology. More than ever before, healthcare organizations have an imperative to put customers first and to empower them to make informed healthcare decisions. Read this strategy guide for proven customer experience (CX) tips and insights on how to not only improve the patient and member experience per the CMS Star ratings, but achieve a holistic member- and patient-centric experience.


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Experience Matters

Excellent patient and member experiences will be even more critical moving forward. A customer-centric approach that aligns with members’ and patients’ needs and behaviors is essential to a top Stars performance and staying ahead of the competition as the healthcare industry evolves.

In this Strategy Guide:

  • Learn about 5 tried-and-true customer-centric ways to improve the member and patient experience and position your organization for Star Ratings success.
  • Discover how a health plan prepared associates to pass the CMS secret shopping season with flying colors.
  • Get use case examples of how healthcare organizations transformed their customer experience with member- and patient-centered digital transformation
  • Learn why organizations are moving from reactive to proactive customer service.
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We help some of the world’s most admired healthcare organizations create patient and member success

Show members, patients, and employees that you’re there for them—on any channel, at any time. Optimize your workforce and contact center with our omnichannel orchestration and intelligent automation solutions:

  • Workforce Optimization: : Our flexible and cost containing @home approach keeps your operations running smoothly through major ramps, seasonality, and daily fluctuations.
  • Conversational messaging: Strong messaging channel implementation can improve attrition rates, CSAT, sales, and associate productivity. Gain a competitive edge with TTEC’s Humanify® messaging platform, strategic program designs, seasoned conversational designers, and universal associates.
  • AI and advanced bots: Improve performance and reduce spend by leveraging AI bots to simulate real-life calls, chats, and messages. Train associates on healthcare industry jargon and common obstacles patients and members face when seeking information related to their care, all while maintaining peak levels of security and compliance.
  • Humanify @Home: Rapidly and seamlessly ramp up and scale your virtual contact center by tapping into a broader pool of highly-skilled and certified at-home associates, leveraging secure tech, and implementing patient and member best practices.

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Reach for the CMS Star Ratings