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Omnichannel Customer Service: 3 Takeaways for CX Leaders

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With so many customer service channels in use now, how effective are they and what are some best practices in omnichannel customer service? TTEC set to find out in a new report, part of its mystery shopping research series. Read the report to learn key takeaways from the TTEC research about the good and the bad across customer service channels at leading enterprises. The results may surprise you.


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How well do companies support customers across customer service channels?

Customer service organizations are at an inflection point. They are embarking on digital transformation to meet customers where they prefer in lower-cost and more convenient channels. But the research shows there is more to be done by companies in terms of providing effortless, effective experiences across all channels.

Read this Research Report to:

  • Learn how leading brands compare in key components of customer service channel effectiveness
  • Gain the customer perspective on what it’s like to interact with top brands across multiple traditional and digital customer channels.
  • Discover 3 actionable insights to help prioritize omnichannel strategy and execution
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Work with a CX partner that “gets it”

TTEC partners with some of the world’s leading brands to tailor customer support in a way that benefits the business and its customers. Our contact center operations and CX experts will show you how contact center outsourcing can:

  • Save money and reduce labor costs
  • Improve customer experiences and operational KPIs across channels
  • Increase flexibility and ability to scale
  • Create innovation, technology, and digital transformation opportunities
  • Enhance contact center associate training and employee experiences

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Omnichannel Customer Service: 3 Takeaways for CX Leaders