Healthcare experience moves home

Work-from-home agents represent the future of the healthcare contact center. And that future is now.


Remote contact center support, which was once considered impossible for healthcare, is now becoming a fact of life for payers, providers, and others in the healthcare ecosystem. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, healthcare companies are scrambling to keep up with surging contact volume while also balancing stay-at-home orders.

Download this strategy guide to discover:

  • How the healthcare industry has responded to COVID-19 and how it influences remote work
  • The productivity, efficiency, and member benefits of a work-from-home healthcare contact center model
  • The new role of digital support channels like messaging and automation
  • How to balance humanity with technology to provide a secure and flexible at-home operation

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Minimize disruption and stabilize operations with our exclusive TTEC NOW solutions and services

To help healthcare organizations thrive in the face of this surging citizen outreach, we enhanced our best-in-class Humanify@home solution to provide organizations with everything it takes to stand up virtual, cloud-based, omnichannel contact centers in a matter of days – including people, process, and technology


Deploys immediately-available, highly-scalable and extensible at-home technology, and agent solutions to support federal, state and local agencies and their citizens’ needs, ensuring continuity.



Improves utilization, capacity, and optimizes interactions by rapidly deploying AI-enabled conversational messaging channels (e.g., in-app chat, SMS, web-based chat, social) allowing agents to quadruple the number of interactions they can handle concurrently.


Increases workforce productivity by automating citizen interactions using IVA's (intelligent virtual assistants) and processes using RDA (robotic desktop automation) and RPA (robotic process automation).



TTEC's technology solution for contact center as a service ("CCaaS") which includes our Humanify cloud platform in addition to the design, implementation and ongoing managed services of the technology for both captive and outsourced agents.