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Healthcare CX: Inside a New Reality

Customer experience trends reshaping patient and provider relationships

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From scheduling appointments to receiving ongoing treatment, patient and provider interactions are rapidly changing. Healthcare organizations need to stay ahead of consumer expectations in a quickly evolving digital landscape. In this strategy guide, you’ll find answers to the most pressing questions around the patient experience and proven contact center strategies to move forward in this new reality.


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Be prepared to deliver the healthcare experience today’s consumers are looking for

To move forward in a CX landscape that’s been reshaped by crisis, healthcare organizations need to optimize CX and accelerate digital transformation. Discover CX trends, real-world examples, and steps your organization can take now to achieve the performance excellence, agility, and efficiency needed to thrive in today’s new healthcare landscape. Read this Strategy Guide for:

  • Key CX trends that are reshaping patient expectations about their healthcare
  • New approaches to patient and provider support with real-world results
  • Strategies for enhancing patient relationships at a time of social distancing
  • Best practices for solving patient support challenges
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Elevate your CX to show patients, members, and employees that you’re there for them.

  • Workforce Optimization: Gain additional contact center support when needed with our smart seasonal staffing approach.
  • AI Simulated Training (RealPlay™): Improve performance and reduce spend by leveraging AI bots to simulate real-life calls, chats, and messages.
  • Conversational Messaging: Unleash the power of messaging and reduce calls.
  • Associate Assist: Empower your associates with the right answer at the right time.
  • Customer Assist: Intelligent virtual assistants deliver a seamless 24/7 support experience.

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Healthcare CX: Inside a New Reality