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Getting Back to Work by Looking Forward

Ensuring the safety and confidence of employees is critical in getting back to onsite work during the COVID-19 pandemic. To do this, businesses are adopting the public health practice of contact tracing and even improving it through the use of technology platforms.


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Ramp up contact tracing quickly and efficiently.

A robust contact tracing platform that will enable rapid tracking of individuals, tracing interactions and notifications of possible exposure will help any business stay safe and keep outbreaks at bay.

In this white paper, TTEC partners with Dr. Michael Mina, MD, PhD to explore:

  • What contact tracing is and how it helps mitigate outbreaks and pandemics
  • How technology is revolutionizing the contact tracing process
  • Why contact tracing is critical to maintaining business continuity
  • How TTEC + LivePerson technology can be used to conduct contact tracing and also to improve customer and employee experience.

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Getting Back to Work by Looking Forward