Anticipate what financial customers want with managed intent

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In an increasingly competitive space, the true challenge that banks, credit card firms, and other financial organizations face is not customer satisfaction. It is having the agility and ability to understand what customers want and quickly acting on those opportunities.

Identifying and managing customer intent enables organizations to act on data insights and exceed customer expectations, wants, and needs. This white paper provides proven tips and best practices for doing exactly that—delivering differentiated customer experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.


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Empower employees to map and serve customer intent

Correctly understanding why customers are contacting your organization through managed intent is the first step towards being top of mind for solving consumers’ financial needs. Read this white paper to learn:

  • Why managed intent is a key differentiator
  • How to best leverage intent data
  • Best practices for integrating managed intent
  • How a large retail bank used intent analytics to improve its CX and reduce costs to serve

We help financial organizations deliver amazing customer experiences.

At TTEC, we've been delivering incredible employee and customer experiences for decades by unifying our core capabilities of technology, services, and strategy. Partnering with TTEC gives companies access to:

  • State-of-the-art EX and seamless onboarding. Use the right blend of AI and human interactions to optimize the employee onboarding experience, keep associates informed, and track wellness and satisfaction. We also deliver 24/7 technical support to associates, along with meaningful virtual events and real-time chat access.
  • Virtual learning & development. Receive real-time, analytics-based coaching from leaders focused on developing talent and aligning client objectives. Reward employee behavior and encourage development through our gamified programs, and help guide associates along their career path with our iAspire platform.
  • Smart & Secure Workforce Management. Harness the power of cutting-edge workforce optimization and management tools: employee-friendly schedules, consistent audits on associate shifts, contingency management, business continuity processes, regulatory compliance requirements, and more.
  • Strong culture & community. Give employees a place to communicate, collaborate, and quickly access support through TTEC Neighborhood. Keep your finger on the pulse of employee sentiment through our rigorous survey process, continually gathering feedback to improve employee experience and diversity.

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Anticipate what financial customers want with managed intent