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9 ways to manage post-forbearance in the age of the customer

forbearance strategy guide

Borrower-assistance programs that emerged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have largely ended, casting renewed pressure on consumers to resume payments. For banks and other lenders, this is an opportunity to turn what could be a difficult situation into a positive customer experience. In this strategy guide are proven tips for successfully managing spikes in customer volume, reducing costs, increasing positive outcomes with empathy, and more. In the age of the customer, even repayment negotiations are a chance to deliver better customer support and drive loyalty.


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Create a smarter post-forbearance strategy

For a successful outcome, financial institutions must do more than communicate post-forbearance options to borrowers. They need a strategy for handling the rise in customer volume across multiple channels, the means for scaling the contact center up or down, and a plan for supporting employees handling tough conversations.

Read this strategy guide to learn:

  • How to prepare for unexpected contact center surges with flexible at-home associates and partners
  • Best practices for training associates to have tough conversations that lead to successful outcomes
  • Ways to maximize productivity with automation and artificial intelligence
  • Case studies of companies that rapidly scaled their customer support
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Deliver exceptional CX with savvy customer-focused solutions.

  • Retail Banking: We can help you survive and thrive in this volatile environment with an integrated approach to transforming your bank’s customer experience.
  • Retail Brokerage: We help clients identify prospects, nurture relationships and provide personalized, white glove support.
  • Property & Casualty Insurance: Stand apart from the crowd and grow your business with a range of solutions designed specifically for property and casualty providers.
  • Capital Markets: In an industry where market volatility has become the new norm, capital markets firms are faced with significant challenges.

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9 ways to manage post-forbearance in the age of the customer