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Customer Experience Insights by Startups, for Startups

Up your CX with these (often overlooked) contact center partner tips

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We pooled the feedback we received from startup clients on what defines a CX partner that will go the extra mile to create effortless experiences for clients and customers. Take a look at our checklist for:

  • Qualities that separate dedicated CX partners from the rest
  • Real-world examples of brands that elevated the customer experience
  • Key ways that a partner can increase efficiencies, remove pain points, and drive innovation

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We are experts at making customer experiences easier, more intuitive, and more fun.

  • A people-first approach: We provide the associates, training, facilities, technologies, and operational expertise to create exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints.
  • Humanify @Home: A solution that merges the quality and security of an on-site center with the flexibility and cost structure of a work-from-home model. 
  • New customer acquisition: Use smart analytics and gainful insights to win net-new customers faster and cheaper.
  • Search to sales: Sync online and offline journeys to ensure every conversation is timed perfectly.
  • Innovation and Incubation: Test new strategies or introduce a new product.

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Customer Experience Insights by Startups, for Startups