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Customer Service and Customer Experience Trends for 2020

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As customer expectations for easy and personalized interactions increase, it’s critical that companies fine-tune their CX strategies. In this guide, explore five digital customer experience trends that are shaping customer service for 2020 and beyond, along with tips on how to stay ahead of the curve (and your competition).


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  • Learn which customer metric is the top loyalty predictor
  • Discover what deeper personalization looks like and why it matters
  • Explore how 5G is laying the foundation for more powerful CX
  • Stay ahead of future digital customer experience trends by utilizing our digital transformation best practices
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We've been delivering incredible customer experiences for 37 years by unifying our core capabilities of technology, services, and strategy. And with over 3.5 million customer interactions daily, we know what trends are shaping the contact center landscape. Here are more customer service trends and best practices guides to help your company in its CX and digital transformation.

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  • 8 Social Media and Digital Trends to Watch: Virtual assistants, live chat and more personalized experiences on mobile phones and other mobile devices are just some of the digital transformation accelerating across all industries in the mobile and social landscape.
  • Contact Center Digital Transformation Best Practices: Customer support is not the same as it once was. To keep up with customers’ growing expectations, it’s important for brands to re-imagine their service organizations – from a more customer centric points of view.
  • Retail Transformations That Count: We've identified the key retail shopping experience and omnichannel experience trends that leaders need to know, including how to stay ahead of the curve against e-commerce giants and why a digital customer experience business model doesn't mean less human.
  • Staying Ahead of CX Labor Trends: What does it take to attract and keep the best contact center talent for your organization? See what labor trends have emerged, and what can be done to improve customer and employee experiences without breaking the bank.
  • Fintech and Banking CX Trends Watch: With a focus on customer service and the right customer experience strategies in place, retail banks can differentiate themselves and drive greater customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.

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The Top Customer Experience Trends for 2020 and Beyond