eBook and Calendar

CX Trends:
The 2019 Edition


As we kick off a fresh year, customer demands for simplicity, convenience, and personalization remain as pressing as ever. Meanwhile, CX technology trends are expanding and growing more complex. Omnichannel services are evolving to include more options, smart speakers are gaining wider adoption, and self-service is being redefined.

So get ready for customer experience in 2019 and beyond with our 2019 CX Trends Strategy Guide, and celebrate good customer experiences - and make light of the bad - with our downloadable 2019 CX Calendar.

Read this strategy guide to discover:

  • How to prepare for the next stage of CX disruption
  • Why advanced omnichannel services are focused on personalization
  • How AI assistants that represent customers are changing the support landscape
  • Why CEOs are finally taking the lead on digital transformation initiatives