How the Pandemic Provides an Opportunity to Become More Citizen-Centric​

Our experts examine how government agencies can modernize call centers to make them more resilient and scalable while improving the citizen experience in the “new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic placed a huge burden on government agencies, especially those that suddenly faced skyrocketing call volumes. Meanwhile, the rapid acceleration to remote work upended the norms in the traditionally brick-and-mortar call center environment. This unexpected shift may have exposed gaps in how prepared agencies are to manage a sudden surge in demand, but it also presents an opportunity to consider what future contact centers could look like. In this webinar they discuss:

  • How a modern call center can help you better adjust to and manage sudden surges in call volumes
  • How to connect with citizens where and how they want and enable your agency to demonstrate empathy through proactive outreach
  • Case study examples of jurisdictions that are gradually modernizing call centers to become more efficient while enabling employees to interact with citizens quickly and efficiently from a remote environment