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What's on Shoppers' CX Holiday Wish Lists?

December 19, 2018

Bad deals, no help, and rude employees can make for a terrible holiday shopping experience. So what do customers actually want? Hear from shoppers in Stamford, Connecticut as they share what’s on their customer experience wish lists this holiday season.




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Dylan Haviland: Hello everyone and happy holidays. I'm Dylan Haviland a staff writer for the Customer Strategist journal. This week I left the busy office at Stamford, Connecticut to visit shoppers at the local mall to see what's on their customer experience (CX) wish list, and what matters most to them it comes to their holiday shopping.

It's no secret that the holiday season is a stressful time and many customers just want to find an experience that has the best deals, products, and prices. For Gwendolyn this was the perfect combination.

Gwendolyn: Well right about this time it's the holiday time, so you're trying to look for the right prices and budget your money.

DH: Can you recall a bad shopping experience you've had?

G: When they're not on sale!

DH: I then ran into Evo who wanted service to understand how important it is to help customers get the right gift.

Evo: So besides price and product the best gifts are the gifts that people find out what you actually need but you actually enjoy and they try to help you along those lines.

DH: Adian wished for associates to be there to help him navigate through the bustle of the holiday season.

Aidian: Having people there that are available to talk to, to kind of point you in the right direction and give you advice when you really don't know what to get for someone. I think the hardest thing is coming up with gifts, ideas, you know, and sometimes you can't really figure out what they want.

Evo: A bad holiday shopping experience would entail just having a hard time finding what I need in a store, maybe a messy store. Maybe the products are readily available, it's just a couple things that could lead to that result, you know.

DH: According to Dana from Sunglass Hut, it came down to just good old customer service.

Dana: [When] working in retail you want someone to help you, especially buying for gifts and you want that customer service, you want that one that one-on-one interaction with people it's easier, it's easier to shop, it's easier to confide in that retailer to know what you want how they want it. It's easy.

I mean during the holidays I feel like a lot of people are down and stressed out when you go into a retailer that has energy and it's happy to be there and happy to help you it makes your life much easier. You're not as stressed out definitely working in retail we see it every day.

We work at Sunglass Hut so it's very one-on-one. So, I mean, me working in retail if customer comes out to me and I made their day just from that one experience. Customers do it all the time, especially now because they want the help and they need the help. So if they take our name and they do a survey on me it's good. I mean there's certain stores, I'm not going to name names, but there are certain stores where you walk in and no one even says hi to you and that's the worst. I'll walk right out is someone doesn't say hi to me in like five seconds.

DH: But with the easy accessibility of online shopping, many customers are taking to their digital devices to shop from where they want, when they want.

Laura has been a big user of companies like Amazon where she can easily get product shipped to her house.

Laura: I guess what I would find most valuable is sort of like a One-Stop shop kind of thing. I like to go to a place where I can get everything that I need just in one place and I'd also prefer online shopping because I like everything to be delivered to me because I'm lazy.

I don't have a lot of time to shop and I'd like it to be easy and fast. Pretty much like all my experiences with online shopping have been pretty good because it's like if I need to return something it's usually free and if I need to talk to them on the phone, they can usually help me but my problems are not very complicated. So it's usually like, "Can I get a refund? Yes, you can!"

DH: Thanks for tuning in everyone. Have a safe and happy holidays!

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