What Employees Really Want

Disruption is about more than just customer-facing innovation. It is also about engaging employees in innovative ways to attract and retain the right people to influence customer satisfaction and growth.

In this issue:


Employees Lead the Charge in Transformation

Company leaders are on the lookout for disruption, trying to stay ahead of potential competitors and evolving expectations that may lead customers elsewhere. In some... more »

Cut through the noise

With so much focus on technology andinnovation, sometimes it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. Technology is merely tools to achieve the ultimate goals:... more »


Finding the ROI of Employee Engagement

It’s difficult—if not impossible—for businesses to achieve success without dedicated employees. Employee engagement describes the emotional... more »


Make Your Channel Experiences Harmonious

The line, “if you build it, He will come,” may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, but it doesn’t necessarily work... more »

What’s the State of Digital Transformation?

If there’s one constant in an enterprise transformation strategy, it’s disruption. Even the strategies themselves rarely remain unchanged from ideation to... more »

Human Resources Adapts to a Changing CX Workforce

Anyone working in the contact center space knows that finding and engaging top-performing front-line employees is a challenge. Companies are hard pressed to attract... more »

3 Ways to Create a High-Performing Employee Culture

For years a close family member suffered from severe migraines and, in a desperate attempt to find a cure, visited a holistic healer. Holistic medicine practitioners... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Allbirds Co-Founder Dishes on Direct Customer Relationships

The direct-to-consumer (D2C) model for manufacturers grew rapidly in 2018, with brands like Quip, Dollar Shave Club, and Warby Parker providing easy ways for consumers... more »

Case Studies

Online Furniture Retailer Is Couched in CX

This is the age of hypergrowth, where direct-to-consumer startups like Casper (mattresses), Warby Parker (glasses), and Brandless (housewares and beauty) are tearing... more »

Aetna’s Mindfulness Initiative Leads to Unique Employee Engagement

In today’s job market, what constitutes an engaging employee experience is constantly redefined. There was a time where a fun lounge area with games and snacks... more »

Harvard University Makes the Grade on Financial Wellness

It’s difficult to provide an excellent customer experience when an employee is worried about whether he or she can afford a financial shock, such as an... more »

Industry Insight

Take a Smart Seasonal Approach to Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Open enrollment has become a make-or-break time for insurers. Besides the pressure and competition to entice and enroll members in individual, family, Medicare, and... more »


8 Ways for CEOs to Rethink Employee Engagement

“CEOs need to connect with their employees.” This statement shouldn’t take any business leaders by surprise. In past decades, though, it was hardly a... more »

Employees Shine in Some of 2019’s Best Workplaces

In 2019, a great place to work isn’t always defined by a paycheck. The modern workforce is increasingly interested in an environment where employees feel they... more »

Proof Points

CX Snapshot: Retail and E-commerce

For all its negative coverage, the retail industry is experiencing a renaissance in 2019. According to the National Retail Federation, 2018 sales surpassed... more »

Strategy Speaks

A Unique Way to Engage Your Employees

Recently I did a workshop for employees at Southern AgCredit, a financial services organization with a novel method for ensuring that its employees work together in... more »

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