It's Time to Get Real About Real Time

In this issue:


What Could Go Wrong?

One of the biggest executive challenges we hear is their struggle  to deliver products, services, and support in real time. Customers are impatient, they say, and... more »

Searching for Answers

Companies are so desperate to provide real-time solutions for their customers that they may make some questionable decisions. With a customer focus, however, real-time... more »


Five Myths About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage—from self-driving cars and Siri personal assistants, to chatbots and email scheduling associates that will take... more »

Are Augmented Reality Sales Tools Ready for Prime Time?

Augmented reality (AR)— technology that superimposes a computer-generated image over a user’s view of the real world—could potentially transform... more »

Throw Away Your Marketing Campaigns

The opportunity to influence customers when they interact with your organization means you must be intelligently ready with information that’s relevant, timely,... more »

All I Need to Know I Learned in Real Time

What do you do when you want to learn how to change your car wiper blades or say “hello” in sign language? We’d bet that you do a search on YouTube,... more »


Redefining Real-Time Customer Experience

Instant gratification is here to stay—at least in the customer experience world. Thanks to technological advances, most consumers now expect brands to be... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Many Customer Channels, One Executive

All the prestige in the world amounts to nothing if your clients are not happy with your product. In the words of Kate Zabriskie, “The customer’s... more »

High-tech Humanity Provides a Roadmap to Wellness

The thought of an extended stay in an acute care hospital, rehabilitation hospital, or nursing home is a scary proposition. No matter how good the care and service are... more »

Case Studies

Discover Takes on In-App Messaging

Most consumers prefer to use their phones to communicate with friends, family, and businesses—but it’s not to make a phone call. More than half (66... more »

Royal Caribbean Dives Into Social Media Support

For many travelers, cruises are a memorable experience to be shared with family and friends. From vacations to celebrations, cruise lines invest a lot of time, money,... more »

Industry Insight

Healthcare Dips Its Toe into Real-time Data

In an age where Apple is reportedly working on an Apple Watch feature that checks blood sugar levels through the skin without needles and doctors offer personal... more »


The Price Is Right, or Is It?

Dynamic pricing—the practice of setting flexible prices for productS or services—has never been more competitive or complex. Whereas businesses in the past... more »

Proof Points

Hit the AHT Sweet Spot

Astronomers call it the “Goldilocks zone”—a mix of a planet’s ideal size, atmospheric conditions, and distance from a star that make it... more »

4 CX Metrics That Reveal a More Complete Customer Picture

According to Forrester’s CX index, 73 percent of companies say improving customer experience (CX) is a priority, but only 1 percent actually deliver an excellent... more »

Strategy Speaks

Past Time, Real Time, and Soon Time

Don’t worry, it’s not just your age. Life really does move faster these days.  This is something people have actually said for centuries. Life has... more »

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