I am A.I.: The Emergence of Authentic Intelligence

In this issue:


The AI Divide

The future is here. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are entering the labor market at various rates across industries. And while consumers enjoy their... more »

VIDEO: AI in the Workforce -- 5 stats every business leader should know

Why businesses need humans more than ever—even as AI changes the future of work. more »


To Catch a Fraudster

There are growing concerns that automation technology destroys jobs. What isn’t discussed as often are cases where humans and robots work well together or even... more »

AI Needs a Code of Ethics

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have had a profound effect on how people interact with technology. In 2017 alone, Amazon and Google sold millions of home... more »

Fly Fishing in the Big Data Lake

Which is more important to you: the size of your data lake or knowing where the tasty data “fish” are lurking? Some people believe that the amount of data... more »

VIDEO: Ethical thinking in AI era

Artificial intelligence is bigger than ever, and with progress comes new challenges. Susan Etlinger shares 5 core AI ethics principles. more »

C-Suite Strategies

Removing White Noise From the Patient Experience

Minutes matter in an emergency room, both for patient health and for hospital operations. When you’re the second busiest emergency room in California, time... more »

Mind Versus Tech in a New Digital Era

Today, brands coexist in a complex digital world, where some brands that once seemed invincible are losing the race of time. David Rogers, who teaches senior... more »

Case Studies

Brewing a Turnaround at DAVIDsTEA

Only two years after going public, specialty tea retailer DAVIDsTEA announced at the end of 2017 that it was evaluating strategic alternatives, including a potential... more »

VIDEO: Brewing a Customer Loyalty Turnaround at DAVIDsTEA

Here’s how DAVIDsTEA uses customer loyalty data to transform the customer experience. more »

Industry Insight

The Rise of the Telcobot

One of the key themes at this year’s Mobile World Congress was how to apply AI to telecom operations, employee tasks, and customer experience. The focus... more »

Experience Innovation the Talk of CES

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas gave its annual taste of future innovations. Besides the latest tech, the C Space Storyteller... more »

VIDEO: Welcome to Innovation -- Looking Into the Mind of Three Influential Brands

Executives from Google, Disney, Oath, Best Buy and more share their view on customer experience innovation at the this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). more »


How Blockchain Will Upend the Customer Experience

There’s a lot of hype surrounding bitcoin, to put it mildly. What started as an obscure digital form of payment has morphed into a global phenomenon with eye... more »

Overcoming Voice Assistant Relationship Roadblocks

A few years ago, online ordering company Seamless ran an ad that read, “Happiness is ordering food on your phone without saying a word.” For many people... more »

Proof Points

11 Ways to Wow Your Contact Center Employees

Customers who need help have a simple request. They want their problems solved quickly within their preferred channel and language. And they want their interactions to... more »

Strategy Speaks

Taking the Bias Out of AI

Robots make great science fiction, but we should never forget that AI is, well, artificial. When precautions aren’t taken, any AI tool can be intentionally... more »

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