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Special Report: Generating revenue in the contact center

This market study from CCW highlights research and best practices to simplify employee workflow, alleviate inefficiencies, and optimize contact center operations.

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Insight Report: Get inside your customers' minds to better serve them

Identifying and managing customer intent enables companies to deliver personalized services at scale. Read this white paper to learn how to anticipate customers' intentions and desired next steps to provide the right response,

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Blog: Business intelligence vs. predictive analytics: How to use the right approach

Think fast: What is the difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics and why does it matter?

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Podcast: What it takes to create a winning retail experience

Retail is an industry in constant evolution. Liz Glagowski and TTEC Head of Retail Jon Stough discuss challenges and opportunities for retailers to improve the customer experience and engage employees to shine as valuable brand ambassadors.

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