Nurture Growth Amidst Disruption

As we move into 2019, the conversation around customer disruption is no longer about whether it's happening. It’s realizing disruption is here, and how to make it work for your business.

In this issue:


Customer Experience Disruption Shifts From "Why" to "How"

The days of disruption are here. No company is immune to the many customer experience changes underway. Whether you’re a hyper-growth start-up or a traditional... more »

Disrupt with a Purpose

Be ready to transform your organization into one where technology and humanity strike a balance. Otherwise the result may be poor experiences that harm the... more »


Customer Centricity Hits a Speed Bump

What’s the maturity level of most customer experience initiatives? Are organizations proactively using their customer insights? How effective are customer... more »


The Call Center Support Team Behind the Gig Economy

Driving a car. Ordering takeout. Grocery shopping. These daily tasks and more have been flipped on their heads by companies that support the “gig economy” ... more »

In Defense of a Living Wage

Employers are increasingly recognizing the ethical and economic concerns of not paying front-line workers enough to afford a livelihood. In October 2018, Amazon... more »

Contact Center and Call Center Insights: Customer data blind spots and how to avoid them

If several customers report a product malfunction, is it a major cause for concern? It depends. Unless the company has access to relevant data points and insights, it... more »

4 Ways to Leverage Contact Center Insights

1. Create insight groups that include a variety of perspectives. The insight group could include customers, employees, partners—anyone who has a stake in your... more »

Video: In Defense of a Living Wage

Employers are increasingly recognizing the ethical and economic concerns of not paying front-line workers enough to afford a livelihood. We talked to MIT's Dr.... more »

C-Suite Strategies

AT&T Eyes the CX of the Future

AT&T is once again rethinking what’s possible. The telephone company is evolving into a media and technology powerhouse—it acquired Time Warner Inc.... more »

Case Studies

Case study -- Live Chat Makes Its Mark in B2B

In today’s omnichannel environment, a company’s customer service must be available whenever and wherever the customer wants. In the B2B space, where the... more »

Case study: ThirdLove’s Secret to Getting Intimate With Customers

For decades, most women have had the same experience when it comes to bra shopping: They enter a dressing room and try on a variety of bras until they find one that... more »

Industry Insight

Engage 2020: The Future of Customer Care Is Already Here

Digital innovations are revolutionizing the customer experience. They give customers a multitude of self-care channels and options. They automate simple and repetitive... more »

A Customer-focused Injection Into the Patient Experience

Healthcare in the U.S. is in the midst of a renaissance. The industry is finally catching up to others in terms of consumerism and convenience. Patients are taking... more »

5 New Year's B2B Sales Resolutions for Growth

As the page turns on 2019, now is a good time to take stock of how your business is operating and set achievable sales resolutions for the New Year that will be worth... more »

CX Research Snapshot: Health Insurance

As consumers take more control of their healthcare decisions, insurance companies are catching up to other industries in how they interact with members and deliver... more »


Preparing Tomorrow’s CX Workforce in a Turbulent Employment Climate

2018 was marked by a historically tight labor market that had employers scrambling to find enough qualified workers to maintain growth. While it’s difficult to... more »

Authentic Interactions Break the Internet

Social media is the world’s largest platform for people to exchange, argue, and find humor in their opinions and interests. Facebook alone had 2.27 billion... more »

Video: Authentic Interactions Break the Internet

With so much noise on social media sites, brands must stand out to promote awareness and loyalty with unique and differentiating interactions. more »

Video: Preparing Tomorrow’s CX Workforce in a Turbulent Employment Climate

A look back—and ahead—at trends driving employee experiences of the future. more »

Strategy Speaks

Customers Are the Ultimate Disruptors

For all the talk about Moore’s Law, cascading technological change, and the network effects generated by 24/7 connectivity, there is a gigantic elephant in the... more »

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