Crisis Task Force Checklist
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Top actions for government contact centers to meet the surge in citizen demand


Equip your government agency to keep pace with the
unemployment, COVID-19, and CARES Act challenges

Are your citizens enduring long call wait times? Can you handle the flood of interactions related to unemployment? Are you proactively reaching out to citizens via SMS? Do you need to scale your at-home virtual contact center capabilities?

In this checklist, we explore key questions and answers to the most pressing topics around citizen experience and proven contact center strategies adapted to our new reality. Learn how to:

  • Recruit, train, and hire FAST in an at-home environment
  • Enable your at-home workforce to meet the surge
  • Secure your operations with a FedRAMP authorized contact center solution
  • Ensure the well-being of your teams caring for our communities

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Virtual contact center best practices to keep pace with the challenges caused by COVID-19

  • Learn how to deploy work-from-home right now, including tips on recruiting, training, and activating best practices.
  • Explore what obstacles can hinder a move to work-from-home, including common technical limitations.
  • Gain tips on how to ensure operational excellence is maintained when contact center associates and agents are remote.
  • Discover ways digital channels can help manage call volumes while still providing great citizen experiences.

Business continuity and
resiliency solutions

Proactively reach out to citizens via conversational messaging and SMS. Immediate self service and FAQ IVR solutions for Worker Comp calls, Dept. of Labor calls, and Health and Welfare calls. Immediate, on-demand contact center agents to augment your staff, delivering at home within 48 hours.


Deploys immediately-available, highly-scalable and extensible at-home technology, and agent solutions to support federal, state and local agencies and their citizens’ needs, ensuring continuity.



Improves utilization, capacity, and optimizes interactions by rapidly deploying AI-enabled conversational messaging channels (e.g., in-app chat, SMS, web-based chat, social) allowing agents to quadruple the number of interactions they can handle concurrently.


Increases workforce productivity by automating citizen interactions using IVA's (intelligent virtual assistants) and processes using RDA (robotic desktop automation) and RPA (robotic process automation).



TTEC's technology solution for contact center as a service ("CCaaS") which includes our Humanify cloud platform in addition to the design, implementation and ongoing managed services of the technology for both captive and outsourced agents.


4 key questions (and answers) for federal, state, and local government contact centers

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