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3 Ways to Thrive with Speech Analytics


Inside sales associates need to understand what shapes a successful (and unsuccessful) sales interaction to ensure your product and service is relevant. This requires listening closely with speech analytics.

Learn three ways speech analytics can empower your inside sales associates to sell in an environment where customers don’t only want to be seen, but heard.


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Gain insights into the customer journey

  • Uncover the Voice of the Customer: Learn what your customers care about most with our smart interaction analytics – learn about customer sentiment, thoughts on your company and competitors, thoughts on product offerings and important emerging topics.
  • Maintain quality assurance and compliance: Our exceptional speech recognition tools help you “listen” to all interactions – customer phone calls, chats, SMS texts – and learn what truly works.
  • Set and reach goals : Discover new information by deep diving into past dialogues. Identify patterns exhibited by top performing sales associates. And then teach others and/or course correct and mitigate actions that are underperforming.

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3 Ways to Thrive with Speech Analytics