What are Customer Experience Leaders Really Focused On?

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Recently, TTEC took to the streets to get into the minds of Customer Experience professionals and learn about their common priorities and challenges. We surveyed attendees of both IQPC’s Call Center Week show and Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum East to find out what keeps them up at night.

Not surprisingly, the top current business goal among the 67 respondents was to improve customer experience and satisfaction scores, at 42 percent. This was followed by revenue generation (19 percent), cost-efficiency (12 percent), and a 10.5 percent tie between new customer acquisition and channel integration. 

What’s interesting is that while channel integration was only cited by 10 percent of respondents as their top business goal, multichannel ranked as the most important trend impacting their business in the next year, at 34 percent. What’s more, aligning different parts of the organization was the most prevalent challenge for 2013, at 37 percent. So, while on a macro level customer experience professionals know it’s important to integrate and optimize a multichannel experience; their day-to-day focus is still narrowed in on boosting the customer satisfaction scores of their current operations.

Below are some other insights from those who are responsible for customer experience within their organizations:



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