New Research Defines Patient Trust in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Peppers & Rogers Group, TTEC’s Consulting division, has completed innovative research on the role and impact of patient trust and engagement within the pharmaceutical industry. Their new infographic draws back the curtain on what trust means for pharmaceutical firms in the new healthcare ecosystem. New Research Defines Trust in the Pharmaceutical Industry 
Who trusts pharma? A little more than half of patients trust their primary drug manufacturer, but 33 percent of them neither trust nor distrust the manufacturer of their primary drug. What are the behavioral differences between pharma trusters and distrusters? Trusters are much more likely to be social media brand advocates.
  • There’s a 79 percent difference between trusters and distrusters related to “social interaction” regarding their primary drug
  • There’s a 76 percent difference in the likelihood to advocate on behalf of their primary drug between trusters and distrusters

So, what does all this data mean? It means pharmaceutical companies would be well served to develop strategies and to make invest­ments to deliver improved patient experiences, as well as to improve patients’ perceptions of the good intentions of the company. While most pharmaceutical companies value the importance of patient engagement and develop patient programs aimed at increasing engagement, Peppers & Rogers Group argues that many of these programs don’t address the underlying issues. True patient engage­ment takes into account underlying patient needs, behavior, and value. Successful patient engagement models are founded on a deep understanding of the patient and are based on research results and industry expertise. This means companies need to evaluate their patient pool and look for differences across three dimensions—needs, behavior, and value. Understanding these differences and using that insight to build strong, lasting, and beneficial relationships is the primary objective of patient-centric initiatives.



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